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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Daddy, it smells bad in here"

Happy New Year (2 weeks late).  I hope everyone had a great holiday break.  I know we did.  I got some much needed time off with family and friends.  The kids loved opening presents...and presents....and more presents.  I don't think they need another present till 2020.  With that said, I feel truly blessed knowing my kids are loved by so many.

Princess helmet on a John Deer tractor of course

So many presents

Better luck next year

They loved playing in the leaves

There was one day in December that it got up to 80 degrees. So naturally she rode her trike topless.

He seriously needs to stop growing.

With the new year comes New Year Resolutions.  My first resolution is to sleep more. So far, so good! Spencer's resolution is to spend more quality time with the kids.  He works long hours and doesn't get to spend a lot of time with them.  So, this past weekend Spencer took Vivian to a birthday party and out to run errands so they could get some much needed daddy/daughter time.  I was so happy for the two of them to spend the day together but I warned him that he was going to have to take her to the bathroom because she is not old enough to go by herself.  I was a little nervous but thought he could do this.

They set out to the party where Vivian had a great time at her friend Reagan's birthday party.  She had pizza and cake but was still hungry when they left so Spencer took her to Wendy for fries, hamburger and frosty (she ate it all).  While there, Vivian told Spence she needed to go potty. He dreaded the thought of taking her to the mens restroom but took a deep breath and on they went. He said the bathroom was gross but she did her business and they were on their way to the next stop.

They headed to Best Buy because Spencer wanted to look at TV's, DVD players and other things we aren't going to buy. They were in the store for 10 minutes when Vivian says she has to go potty again.  Spencer thinks, Wendy's was a breeze, we will just get in and get out again.  They walk in when the mother of all craps is being dumped in the first stall.  Vivian immediately says as loud as possible, "Daddy it smells really bad in here, like poop but worse."  Spencer quickly scoots Vivian to the only other stall to do her business.  She then proceeds to go on and on about how bad it smells.  Spencer is trying not to laugh or vomit all at the same time.  Poops MaGoots in the stall next to them decides he should do a courtesy flush.  Vivian's eyes widen, "Daddy, what was that noise? It's so loud in here and it still smells really bad." The bathroom door opens and a man walks in and just stands near the stalls waiting to use one. Spencer is trying to get her to finish when she says with a strained voice, "Daddy, I need to poop and it's a really big one." Spencer is now sweating and wanting this nightmare to end. They exit the stall and Vivian walks straight to the urinals. "Daddy, what is this? What goes in here? How does it work?" Spencer is slowly dying on the inside as he races to wash theirs hands. 

They finally exit the bathroom and Spencer decides their day excursion will now come to an end and comes home.  He was so flustered when he came home and began telling me about their experience.  I think this may have ended his New Years resolution but he gave it his all for the first 10 days of the year.  For that, I will give him a pat on the back. 

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